Remote Work Cyber Solutions now, When you Need it Most


Don't Wait till it's too Late

We Know Cyber has ramped up operations, added staff, customized products, and VPN licenses to respond to the increased demand for this secure remote solutions that enable your staff to work from home or anywhere off-site. Call 302-451-9555 or click below for an immediate consult. 

The Threat of Coronavirus

As has been seen in recent months, the insidious new strain of Coronavirus impacts businesses who are unprepared. Businesses without secure solutions that enable key personnel and staff to work remotely will suffer a period of non-productivity and their customers will not be served to the standards they expect.

Unsecured Remote Work

Staff who are working from home or other off-site areas expose all communications, documents, and data storage to anyone with a few free and simple tools. These tools capture login credentials, documents being sent or collaborated on, and can even hijack a staff member's session with your data storage. How do we know? Well, first off, We Know Cyber. Our team conducts penetration tests that successfully capture these types of sensitive data all the time. The threat is real. The risk is costly. You need a secure remote working solution before your business is impacted in Newark, Wilmington or anywhere in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Cyber Solutions

In order to protect your business through an epidemic, your staff must be able to continue working off-site without increasing your company's data exposure. We Know Cyber has the skills and tools to enable secure operations off-site whether it's a snow storm, a hurricane, or a massive outbreak of disease. Sending data without securing it increases your risk and can be very costly to recover from. Our VPN, secure configurations. and other products protect your business so your staff can work from home or any place with confidence in your secure remote solution. We have your solutions and located in Newark and Wilmington we're close, so you can count on us being there for you! 

Secure Remote Working with our Virtual Private Network

 One enabler is Virtual Private Networking, or VPN. When your staff uses a VPN, their communication and connections are hidden from everyone. A VPN establishes a connection that's so secure, it's as if they're on-site connected through cable instead of WiFi. What data cannot be seen, cannot be stolen. We Know Cyber can set up your entire staff for success and security or just your key personnel. Every business model is different and our custom tools and configurations maximize effects for your security budget.

Threat Monitoring

 Threat Monitoring is another tool that provides thorough protection of your systems both on and off site. Your data at rest (stored in the cloud or on local servers on your site) will still be vulnerable even with a VPN. For that, We Know Cyber uses "Thor" a tool from our Trusted Partner Heimdal. Thor is a state of the art tool that provides detailed yet user friendly and actionable  insights into your entire network and can be configured by the professionals at We Know Cyber. Put Thor to work for continuous monitoring of activity on your network and in your systems.