Cyber Statistics

Small Business Cyber by the Numbers

43% of cyber attacks target small business.

60% of small companies go out of business within six months of a cyber attack.

Half of information security breaches were caused by malicious actors, the other half by human or system failure.

Only 14% of small businesses believe they are highly effective in their ability to handle a cyber attack.

Top five types of information at risk:

  1. Customer records
  2. Intellectual property
  3. Customer payment information
  4. Company financial information
  5. Employee records

55% of small businesses reported having suffered a cyber attack in the past year

$880,000 was the average loss because of the damage or theft following a cyber attack.

$950,000 was the average cost due to cyber attack disruption of normal operations.

41% of organizations have over 1,000 sensitive files left unprotected including credit card numbers and health records.

$225 per customer was the average cost of lost or stolen records per due to cyber attacks.

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