Best Cyber Practices You Can Do Now

System Updates


You can easily set your computers to automatically update their Windows 10 or Mac OSX  and set it to  run the process when you know you won't be using it. Many applications can be automatically updated as well, which is a convenient option. 

Don't overlook your WiFi router! Those also have updates to their firmware, from time to time. Check every week or two by logging into the admin settings where it will alert you to a firmware update. Beware, however, you'll usually have to restart the router which will disconnect any device connected to the router. 

Share the love checking on senior family members and neighbors that may have trouble setting that up for themselves. 

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Antivirus and Advanced Threat Protection


Microsoft has included Windows Defender in their operating systems for many years. It's a good product that catches most threats.


Augment Windows Defender with additional Antivirus protection to augment Windows Defender. Trend Micro is the top Antivirus product on the marker and a trusted We Know Cyber partner. We have partnered with Trend Micro because of their stellar reputation for speedy updates, strong, effective product, and great customer service.

For business and home networks, We Know Cyber offers several Heimdal  Security Thor Advanced Threat Protection products that beef up your protection to the next level. Thor doesn't only protect you from known viruses, it acts as your system's "threat hunter", identifying a multitude of factors that harm your system before attackers even pick up your scent. 

Trend Micro and Heimdal Security Thor are offered in affordable price points to meet every system owner's need.

Again, help the seniors in your circle to protect their systems too. 

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Passwords & Passphrases


You probably use and re-use passwords that you're familiar with on many or all of the sites you log into. If not, good on you! But most users do. To tighten up your password game follow these practices and considerations:

Use a familiar phrase instead of a word. Most of us has a proverb, song lyric, poem, or family saying that we recall off the top of our heads. Try using some form of them to replace your current weak password. For example: 

"We g0 2gether 1ike pea$ and carr0ts!".

Shake up typical spelling using special characters such as the above example. Replace letters with numbers too.

Vary your passphrases and never use your social media password or passphrase for your banking or Amazon accounts. That could be devastating! 

Yup, seniors need strong passphrases too.  Seniors often have the most obscure passphrase examples you've ever heard! 

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Use Virtual Private Network


Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are among the strongest steps you can take to securing your identity, information, systems, and business. It protects the information you send and receive by restricting the content for use only on the designated ends points.

How does a VPN work?

It's like putting a package in a tube that's solid all around, protected from the elements, and encased in a sealed capsule. No one can tell what's in there, no rain or wind can damage it, and in some cases the mysterious package they can't read, also can't be detected at all. That's how it works. And the sender and end point are the only ones that can exchange the contents as long as they are connected.

We Know Cyber has proudly partnered with Nord VPN, one of the top providers of Virtual Private Network services. We can set up your own VPN service for your business and home systems, even your mobile devices! 

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Business Access


When you’re running a business, you’ve got a lot on your plate, everything in fact. You’ve got everything on your plate! The last thing many business owners want to worry about is securing system access but that leaves unprotected employee records, customer and payment information, future plans, costs and revenue data, and more. 

You can take simple measures like adding users to a Windows machine that separates the business data from commonly used applications you may delegate to your staff.

When you need to take the next step to prevent, detect, or alert you to a threat, we’re here to work the magic. We Know Cyber will segment users on your systems and network, secure your business WiFi from your guest WiFi, encrypt your sensitive data, establish a Virtual Private Network, and setup cloud based backups that run in the background in real-time while you’re busy out there making money.

 There! Now your protected from unauthorized access, hackers stealing card payment transactions, snooping eyes, and even ransomware.

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Consult the Experts


We Know Cyber can make recommendations, offer services and products that can put your systems on a stronger footing.

Hiring a team like ours ensures your business  is protected from threats and prepares you for the worst. Our customers won't be in tomorrow's Data Breach headlines!

These best practices are just a few of the simple steps you can take. Consulting the experts at We Know Cyber is the next step in protecting your customers, your business, and your family from the ever increasing cyber threats.

Give us a call or email to schedule your consult and lets build a safer digital world for all of us!

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Detail your services


If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.