Full risk assessment, system, and 24/7 service

What you get


  •  Value and Security
  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • Security update of all systems and devices 
  • Trend Micro Anti-virus protection
  • Cloud based backups
  • Advanced threat protection
  • 24/7 Security monitoring
  • Staff cyber awareness training
  • Customer service throughout the year

How it's done


 We start with a comprehensive Risk Assessment including a penetration test, vulnerability scan, and on-site security assessment. After that's complete, you'll have everything you need to know about where your vulnerabilities exist and mitigation steps as well.

Next, we update your systems and networks to match the latest security standards and setup any of the appropriate products, from our trusted partners, to ensure your business's continuing security.

We Know Cyber offers continuous monitoring which will alert us to any emerging threats to your company.
We also offer staff training and include a two hour session for your staff on-site.

Advantages of CaaS

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Small businesses are increasingly targeted by malicious actors but are also the least capable to afford hiring a team for cyber defense. The salary for one cyber security technician i over $80,000 and an independent penetration test is over $4000. This is where Cyber as a Service makes so much sense.

We Know Cyber provides the same protection as a full staff of professional cyber defenders at a cost that's lower than the average small business electric bill*

You get a local team dedicated exclusively to Delaware small businesses with the same high quality service enjoyed by big corporations. The highest internationally recognized cyber security professional certification and the same tools and products used in Corporate America and Department of Defense. All this well within your budget!

Learn more about our team here https://weknowcyber.com/about

*Average monthly electricity charges in Delaware  $620 in 2016 according to: https://www.electricchoice.com/blog/average-electric-bill/

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