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Cyber as a Service (CaaS)

Full Service Cyber Security

Baseline Systems

Vulnerability Assessments

Comprehensive Penetration Testing

Systems Auditing

Continuous Monitoring

On call-On site Service

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Regulatory Compliance



NIST 800-53

NIST Cybersecurity Framework

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Network, POS, Compliance, and Information Security

Secure Network Builds

Staff Training

Quantitative Risk Assessment

Disaster Recovery (DR)

Continuing Operations Planning (COOP)

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Detailed Services Breakout

Penetration Testing


We offer three levels of penetration testing:

  • White box: You provide details of your system and we hunt for technical vulnerabilities throughout your network. We also examine any documentation related to how your systems are used.
  • Gray box: Similar to white box, only you provide some information about your system and we make our way through your network from there. This process takes more time but can reveal much more about your system security. Same document review as with white box.
  • Black box (Comprehensive Pen Test): You commission us to break into your systems without sharing any details or hints about your systems. This is how most people imagine hackers working. This method takes considerably more effort and skill but reveals volumes of insight into your systems. Documentation is also reviewed. This is the method required for certain regulatory compliance. 

Risk Assessment


Risk assessments are commissioned for the purpose of finding  organization wide risks including technical, workplace safety, payment systems, and other issues that present risks and liabilities to the company.

We assess the risks and report quantified results so you can make the decisions on which you will mitigate, defer to insurance or other sources, and which you are willing to accept without mitigation.

Risk assessments include one of the three levels of pen testing. When planning a risk assessment it will be necessary to schedule time for staff interviews and on site walk-throughs. 

Staff Training


Your staff is your first line of defense. Training them on good cyber security is among the most effective measures you can take to ensure your systems remain secure. Human errors are responsible for 90% of cyber breaches. 

We provide thorough on-site or computer based training. in subjects such as:

  • Secure password creation
  • Keeping customer data secure
  • Anti-phishing
  • Secure payment processing
  • Social engineering awareness
  • Social media platforms & your work
  • Patching your own systems
  • Specific training for your industry
  • Refresher and annual retraining

Secure Network Build


From virtualization to zero trust networks, We Know Cyber also knows network security. We can build a secure network from scratch that ensures all of the devices are connected and support confidentiality, integrity (non-repudiation), and accessibility. 

Policies & Procedures


Many companies lack the documentation to back up their practices. Our team can write custom policies and procedures that protect your business from liability. Among the first questions asked post-incident is, "Does the company have policies and procedures covering the incident?" You'll want to have that answer and point to the documentation should you find yourself in that position.

Incident Response


Should you find yourself the unfortunate victim of a cyber attack, you'll want an expert incident response team on your side. Speed and recovery are key to successfully weathering the storm. We Know Cyber is your team. Call us immediately to minimize the damage and handle your crisis professionally. By the end of the crisis we'll have you back up and running with your systems patched and stronger to prevent the next attack.

Disaster Recovery


When natural or human made disaster strikes, you need to get back in business fast. You'll need to prepare yourself ahead of time with backups of data but that's not enough. We Know Cyber knows how to prepare your business for the kinds of disasters Delaware businesses face. Whether it's a hurricane, fire, snow emergency, or destructive human acts, we can get your systems restored or rebuilt so you can get back in the game.

Continuing Operations Plans


Continuing operations means planning ahead. If your business needs to keep up while everything else is down, you'll need our professional insight to make that plan and execute it without a hiccup. We will advise your planning, arrange and maintain a secure cold, warm, or hot alternate operating site with full network security. Some businesses include remote working using cloud based features. We can secure your alternate operations site and remote access so your staff can return to operating as usual giving you that competitive advantage. With nearly twenty years serving our community in the Delaware National Guard, Guy knows a thing or two about emergency operations.



Perhaps your business doesn't need a full penetration test, when an audit of your processes, documents, and information systems will do. We Know Cyber is your third party auditor of choice. We provide thorough examinations and hand you the body of evidence necessary to demonstrate your diligence. You'll have the documentation you need with our guarantee of thoroughness and accuracy.

Additional Consultation


We Know Cyber offers a wealth of other cyber security services a small business like yours may need. Whether it's an investigation, advice on new services or system purchases, expert testimony, or any cyber related needs, call us and we'll be there for you.