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Cyber as a Service (CaaS)


If what you need is an entire Cyber Security Team but can't hire a full time staff to protect you, give us a call! We 're your "in pocket" cyber team that can secure and monitor your network security and performance for way less. 

Get us on board and we'll conduct an initial assessment, patch your systems, secure your data, and manage security on an on-going basis, all for less than the average small business electric bill*!

Small  businesses are increasingly targeted by malicious actors but are also  the least capable to afford hiring a team for cyber defense. The salary  for one cyber security technician i over $80,000 and an independent  penetration test is over $4000. This is where Cyber as a Service makes  so much sense. 

*Average monthly electricity charges in Delaware  $620 in 2016 according to: https://www.electricchoice.com/blog/average-electric-bill/ 

Incident Response and Recovery


The first time you call We Know Cyber may be when you've already experienced an incident. From the moment you call, our cybersecurity engineers spring into action with planned playbook procedures to isolate the threat and get you back in business. We dig into the nature of the incident to ensure attacks and other causes of system failure while, concurrently, restoring and securing your cyber assets so you're up and running in no time! We provide and manage communication plans, assess all cyber risks (including issues with staff, network, and systems), document and report findings, and apply changes and updates to your security posture to prevent future incidents protecting your business. We also provide a Body of Evidence that may be required for insurance claims.

Home Network Security


Whether it's your business or your home, you need to protect your data and identity by securing your networks. We Know Cyber does that and more. Our team will configure your network, update your systems with security patches, and provide any of our security products including; Trend Micro Antivirus, Nord Virtual Private Networks, Heimdal Thor Advanced Threat Protection to keep you safe.

Our Experts Protect Your Business

Hackers on your side!

What hackers are doing to harm you, we do to protect you. By hacking your networks and systems, we find your vulnerabilities and patch them to prevent the bad guys from getting in. We are a team of industry certified penetration testers with years of experience in information assurance, risk assessments, and network security. We secure your information, payment systems, and networks, offering a full compliment of cyber security services including; penetration testing, regulatory compliance, security audits, staff training and more. Our team holds the highest professional certifications and is skilled in the use of the top industry tools, Our focus on small business cyber security needs allows us to provide custom solutions and the customer service you won’t get from the big companies. You know your business. We know cyber!

What is Penetration Testing?

Risk assessment of a system

Penetration Testing, or “Pen Testing”, is a series of processes that a contracted “White Hat Hacker” (the good guys) uses in their attempts to break into a system or network. This is way the vulnerabilities of systems and networks are discovered so they can be secured from the bad guys.

There are three types of Pen Tests: 

  • White Box, where the network is known and internal access is already granted.
  • Gray Box, where some of the network information is known but explicit internal access is not granted.
  • Black Box, where the pen testing hacker approaches the network externally with no information provided.

Special tools are used to hunt for and exploit a business’s technical and non-technical vulnerabilities. Special skills are needed to properly use these tools and do so without being discovered.

Once found and exploited, all vulnerabilities are reported to the business with mitigation steps either recommended or implemented, depending on your business's needs.

We play the role of the hacker, using the same techniques the bad guys do only we're on your side. What they would do to harm you, we do to protect you.

Why You Need a Pen Test

Ethical hacking fights back against this guy

43% cyber attacks target small businesses. Malicious actors attempt to use your systems against you, stealing sensitive information you keep and use. Information like; payment details, customer and employee records, HIPPA protected information, and more.

They also steal your customers' credit card details using malware and other "carding" techniques. The damage can be catastrophic for your business. In fact, half of small businesses shut down within six months of a cyber attack.

When reputation is a critical factor growing your business and reatining customer loyalty, a single cyber attack can destroy the public's faith in you.

If you're business is regulated under HIPPA, SOC2, or PCI standards, you may be required to have your systems pen tested semi-annually.

On-site penetration testing differs from automated vulnerability scans offered by some companies. Our gold standard comprehensive penetration test examines your entire operation, not only technical aspects, physical, staff awareness, and more.